Rotarians and Community Gardeners Happy with a Job Well Done (l-r) Carol Madsen, Ann Lansman, Jesse Walsh, Skip Sullivan, John Eliassen, Aaron Hagan, Surri Coyne and Dan Lansman
The Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club partnered with the Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program to build and fill four new garden beds at the Bridgton Community Center on Saturday, May 13.  All was accomplished in two hours with the help of hemlock timbers from the Red Mill Lumber in Casco and Super Loam from Rolfe Corporation in Bridgton, and eight determined Rotarians, one of whom manned a big blue backhoe and another who carried all the timbers in his big truck.  Project leader and President Elect John Eliassen thanked those who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning, including President Aaron Hagan, Dave Barker, Skip Sullivan, Herb Usilton, Jesse Walsh and Carol Madsen.  Master Gardners Ann Lansman and Surri Coyne brought expertise, volunteers and hay for the garden beds, not to mention delicious coffee and goodies to sustain the crew’s heavy lifting.
“Back in 2011, Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club members built the first beds at the Bridgton Community Center” remarked Skip Sullivan, long time Rotary Club member who on that occasion had his tractor to help create the beds and carry the loam. “It was nice to be back in a similar capacity where there are now 30 beds, farmed by many throughout the community.” Those beds managed by the Master Gardeners, help provide food for the Bridgton Food Pantry.