Rotarians Amy Dugas, Julie Forbes, Lisa Ryan, Carol Madsen and Bridgton Hospital’s Director of Nursing and Patient Services Jill Rollins assembled on Thursday, April 15, at the planting site to see the crocuses' progress.  It was feared the delicate blooms would not survive the impending Nor'easter on Friday. "Only a third of the bulbs we'd planted in October had bloomed and they looked a little bedraggled" said Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club President Julie Forbes, ND.
 "But we wanted to check on them."  Julie is a polio survivor herself and thus personally committed to the progress Rotary worldwide in partnership with the Gates Foundation is making towards the eradication of this terrible disease.  Only two countries in the world continue to report new cases, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In parts of the world, the polio vaccination infrastructure has been enlisted to address the COVID pandemic.
Amy Dugas, Director of Regional Practices and Specialty Services at Bridgton Hospital, suggested, "Continue to look under the Bridgton Hospital sign in the next week or two to see the crocus blooms."
Bridgton Hospital was the first corporate member of the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club and the Club has actively participated in three projects with them in the past year.  Due to busy schedules and then the pandemic, an official induction ceremony of Bridgton Hospital's Rotarians Peter Wright and Amy Dugas will take place in late April at Stella's on the Square.  For more information, contact
"In October of 2021, the Club hopes to do another Purple for Polio planting at our second Corporate Member, Norway Savings Bank in Bridgton and Naples.  The hill in front of Norway Savings Bank in Naples would look even more beautiful with purple crocuses blooming across it in the spring. That's in our plans," remarked Carol Madsen, Past President and a member of the Membership Committee.
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