Lynne Barboza, Food City Assistant Manager, and Rotarian Carol Madsen Kick Off Voucher Program 
Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club member and past president Carol Madsen worked out details of the voucher program with Bridgton’s Food City Manager Jennifer Moran and Assistant Manager Lynne Barboza.  The $5.00 vouchers can be used for laundry detergent or other household cleaning supplies by food pantry patrons.  Over 200 vouchers have been distributed over the past few weeks by local pantries.  

This is part of a year-long program the local Rotary Club has managed with the help of a Rotary District 7780 grant to provide Health & Wellness supplies to local food pantries during the pandemic.  The District Grant was matched by local donors, individual Rotarians and the Club’s reserves.  “The Grant is nearly complete so we wanted to finish with something people have really appreciated in the past," remarked Carol Madsen, Covid-19 Project Coordinator. “And, laundry and cleaning products are not covered by SNAP, Maine's supplemental nutrition assistance program, formerly called food stamps.  Our work with the pantries has allowed them to put more of their own funds directly into food products and produce.” 

Carol Madsen and Julie Forbes, President, want to thank the community as a whole for their support of this project.  It has resulted in a wealth of new Friends of Rotary who focus on service work, several of whom became new members of Rotary, and many others who have donated time and money to this effort. 

A new Rotary project which will require assistance is service work on the Stephens Brook Trail.  Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club has started this project in partnership with LEA. If you are interested, meet us at 2:00pm Friday, May 14, at the Bob Dunning Bridge at the entrance to Pondicherry Park.  We will continue a survey of needs along the trail between the Park and Food City. Bring work gloves and clippers.